Summer holidays 2019: New flights from/to Sardinia

Alghero fertilia summer 2019

Summer holidays 2019: Alghero Fertilia airport is opening new air routes, linking north Sardinia with Europe.

The new program for the summer 2019 of Sogeaal (the company who’s in charge of the Alghero Fertilia airport) is ready and rich in good opportunities. Fifty new air routes  will link the north of Sardinia with various countries in Europe. The involved companies are 18, linked with countries all over the world: to visit Sardinia can be easier than it looks!

Take a look to the following companies (with the direct link to their reservation pages) which flights allow you to reach Sardinia in a very easy and cheap way!


Berlin, Bratislava, Bruxelles, Frankfurt, Munich, London Stansted, Bergamo, Bologna, Pisa


Basel, Berlin, London, Geneva, Milan Malpensa, Naples, Venice

Wizz Air:

Bucarest, Budapest, Katawice, Warsaw


Genoa, Naples, Venice, Verona, Madrid





Blue Air:



Milan Linate e Rome Fiumicino

Air Europa:

Madrid (which is a good airport link with the Latin America)

Corendon Airlines:

Amsterdam, Maastricht

The summer 2019 program is only a start – say Sogeaal- . The second step will be the Winter 2019 program, followed by the 2020 summer season.

A good opportunity for the north of Sardinia incoming and outgoing tourism, especially if the air route will be kept during the winter and early spring months (the perfect time to enjoy the rich and very ancient Sardinian cultural heritage, the great and untouched nature of the inland and the winter sea which has as well its moments).

It’s now the time to book your summer holidays 2019 ! Enjoy the new possibility to travel cheap and fast,  and forget the rest:

We’ll find the best solution for your perfect holiday!

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